Thursday, 15 September 2011

In Session. End. Part 2

Opening 6:00pm on Monday, 19 September 2011.   All are welcome!


6:30   Jeremy Lister-James. “Calculating your carbon foot print”

6:45   Peter Bendheim, photogropher – “Life Passages”


7:15   Thomas Konrad, UKZN - Quantum Physics

7:30   Andras Namenyi "The Book of Revelations and future events"

Join us for music and conversation until the end of the night.

Rocko will be spinning the tunes throughout the evening.
Cash bar and coffees available.

Meeting place:
48b Florida Road
(entrance in 4th Avenue)
Greyville, Durban
+27 (0)31 303 4891

This is a lead up to the exhibition:

"THE END  (Of The World As We Know It)" 

7th-26th November at the COLLECTIVE and artSPACE durban

This is it - the end of 2011. A year left to the end of 2012 and the end of everything....or is it? The current Mayan cycle and calendar end in December 2012; to some this signifies the end, and to others merely the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. What does ‘the end’ mean to you? There are two clear trends in thought; the end is either a final abandonment, or a completion. There are many different philosophies and ideas about ‘the end’ from a final void to stepping through to another level of existence.

This is a thought-provoking and exciting project. It is an opportunity to reflect on what ’the end’ means to you and then produce a work in any medium inspired by what ‘the end’ signifies for you.  The works of the 25 invited artists will be hung in an exhibition titled “The End (Of The World As We Know It)" at artSPACE durban. Usually ‘the end’ scenarios are thrust into the public consciousness in a negative light. This is a chance for artists to consider and develop their ideas and then consciously present them in public space. The interpretation of “The End” theme is entirely open - it could be philosophical, economic, religious, environmental, political and more.

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