Friday, 28 October 2011

Movies - Mojitos - Mamma Luciana's

A new event is taking place at the COLLECTIVE this weekend.

We will be hosting some local filmmakers comedic films, and thought we would have some fun in the process.

We will be celebrating the beginning of Summer with some Mojitos on sale, as well as our cash bar will be open, still with the cheapest beers in town.. and we will also have some pizzas available, sold by the slice from Mamma Luciana's. Delicious all round! Picnic blankets welcomed as we open our gallery to you.

Here is the line up thus far:

We are starting the event from  13:00/13:00, with Mojitos in anticipation for the short films to follow:

14:15 : My Roommate is a Tokoloshe - Devin Carter (20 minutes)

15:00 : Mockumentaries:
            Pluto - Shanelle Jewnarain (6 minutes)
            Isabella - Sarah Dawson & Luke Pallett (7minutes)
            Between a Rock and an Unknown Place - Shanelle Jewnarain (6 minutes)

15:45 : Low Caste - Mark Edwards & Pascal Bennett:
            The eye in the sun (1:46)
            My Fine Decline (2:13)
            Conversations with Sun Boy (1:44)
            Heartwired - Sarah Dawson and Matthew Nefdt (6 minutes)

Event closes at 5PM.

More films to be announced. 

Film info:
My Roommate is a Tokoloshe - Devin Carter (2010)
The tokoloshe, a mischievous evil spirit from South African folklore, is said to take on many forms. When a young man offends a sangoma, he returns home to find what could be the most unlikely incarnation of the tokoloshe ever. Funny and brimming with local flavor.

Low Caste - Mark Edwards & Pascal Bennett
Collectively titled 'Low Caste' - a play on words involving the characters of the films humourously represent the "lower end" of societies hierarchy, and on a "no budget" filmic manifesto, since the entire series cost less than R400 to make.

More info coming soon!

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