Monday, 10 June 2013

The R.A Projekt and DJ MADLOVE on Wednesday, 12 June at 7p.m.

The R.A Projekt and DJ MADLOVE

--> Something new for ya'll.

Raheem Abdul-Rasheed aka I Killed Kenny and Rainier Potgieter aka Rain have mashed up to create an urban/hiphop/glitch/soul/dnb/edm spliff sparked by that digital interface.

"I guess we just wanted to see what this Rare collab would Align us with, hence The R.A Projekt (The Rare Alignment Project) "Raheem.

'Rain is sick on that sound design and Raheem flips em scripts' so says Ra.

Supported by DJ MADLOVE.

R20 entrance
Cheap cash bar and car guards.

48b Florida Road (entrance in 4th Avenue, first floor)

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