Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"Four Shots" - HURRY, HURRY closes on the 25th!!

Luke Molver

Alastair Laird
Michael Croeser
Deon de Lange

On the 8th October, the COLLECTIVE played host to four Durban-based comic book creators.

'Four Shots' is an exhibition of the work of Luke Molver, Deon De Lange, Alastair Laird and Michael Croeser, who will each be launching their own self-published comic books at the event.

After successfully plying their illustrated wares at the recent Open Book Fair in Cape Town, these four graphic storytellers felt an exhibition of comic book art was something their hometown of Durban needed to be exposed to.

The work of these artists showcases an incredible diversity of style and content. Although containing elements of Zapiro's political punches, a sprinkling of Madam & Eve social satire, and parts reminiscent of the hard-hitting Bitterkomix... 'Four Shots' will show audiences a side of South African comic books unseen by the majority, and hopefully leave them with a better understanding of the international-calibre talent hidden in our country.

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