Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Round and Round

This exhibition features the work of eight young artists, studying at the University of KwaZulu-Natal's Centre for Visual Art. The artists involved are: Danielle Tutt, Elizabeth Wang, Damian Thompson, Storm Pieterse, Muziwandile Gigaba, Sanele Kunene, Siyabonga Ngubane, and Dexter Sagar.

Round and round is a look at the work of young printmakers rediscovering traditional techniques - old methods explored by new minds.  The title comes from the movement of the press - the process of printmaking.  The idea of a circle as a gathering space is an important one in printmaking, as artists work together in one studio, and work in dialogue - learning from and passing on different possibilities to one another, as well as helping each other with the more technical aspects of printmaking such as preparing paper and presses. The way in which a group of artists work together, even in producing very different work, is not a simple one- or two-way exchange but a complex reciprocal process.  Printmaking can be time intensive, which allows it to be a reflective process.  This process of trial and error, trying and reworking different techniques and concepts and then reflecting on the results, is also a circular one - once you have tried out one way of making an image, you can take this knowledge and start again.

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